When Noise Control Audio talk about
hand crafted boxes they are not joking.

The instigators of NCA back in 1996, Steve Stavrinides and Reay Grant along with Tim Giddings and his partner Sandrine have all spent there adult lives absorbed in sound systems.
Tim is a carpenter by trade but after 10 years of touring with a 30K rig his skills were destined to be utilised in his love of music. When he hears a great PA his keen eyes are soon studying the intricacies of the boxes design to learn what details make the real differences to audio quality. He also understands the need for the the rugged durability and practical manoeuvrability that is constantly put to the test in touring situations
When the opportunity arose to acquire a run down farm house deep in the French countryside his priorities were clear. Build a workshop and start building boxes!
As NCAs boxes started to gain a reputation for themselves a Computerised Cutting Machine was installed to allow the creation of more and more devious designs that Reay and Tim were conceiving.
This press is used to form the laminated curves that feature in NCA designs. The laminates are glued together whilst curved making ultra strong forms to assist sound waves to effortlessly amplify without distortion on their path out of the cabinet.
  A set of TMT600's near completion.
Even the horns for the tweeters are hand crafted following Reays own Tractrix design. The fibreglass shell is filled with a damping compound to cancel colouration in the sound.
Click-On wheelboards are supplied for simple transportation.
  In house crossovers await fitting.
Mark of The Electric Circus takes delivery of a compact system. Much that Steve and Tim would love to join the circus there appears to be a lot of wood that still needs cutting.
  Prototypes of the NCA I-Fly range get airborne for the first time.
Tim demonstrates how easy the system is to get of the ground!
  Tim has his head jammed in a bass bin (not for the first time).
Finishing touches.
  Tim's priorities? The Workshop is built but the farmhouse is still a long way off.
Missy makes light work of protecting NCA's assets.