Noise Control Audio produce a range of wheelboards, speaker straps and covers to keep your stack secured and protected.

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Noise Control's I-FLY SYSTEM is designed to be scalable, from 500 to 100,000+ capacity shows.

Whilst the system is very easily flown, requiring just 3 crew(see Hugarian Demo), it is just at home ground stacked requiring no extra components, indeed the flying frames can be left in the box.

Through many years of research and development the I-Fly system combines the superior audio quality of a point source approach with the coupling effect of line array. Our system produces an audibly superior sound that will sail across very large areas without loss in clarity or punch.

The I-FLY systems aesthetic is in the beauty of simple ideas constructed to extraordinary standards. Its clean lines combined with crafted curves and exceptional build quality throughout make this system stand out amongst its competitors.

Speaker cabinets in the System comprise of TMT600 mid/high, RGW112 bass, VSB218 Sub Bass and occasionally ultra-long throw WMD1803 subs depending on the application.

The system is suspended using the I-FLY FLYING KIT, one of which contains Fly-Frames and Fly-Wires to suspend four hangs. Flying-Kits can be multiplied to increase hangs.

NCA FULL-FREQUENCY AMPLIFIERS are ideally suited to power the system giving optimum performance and reliability.

Speaker Management is via the NCA FULL-FREQUENCY FF206D and its associated PODWARE giving a FOH graphic display for intuitive control.

Noise Control Audio supply bespoke custom built flight-cases and cabling with designed in, smart durability and ease of use. This can include cases for all ancillaries such as mics, stands, multicore trunks etc. NCA use there own proprietary 16x4mm speaker cable with SOCAPEX adapters making the connection of large format systems a simplicity.


Extended horn loaded cabinets are utilised to give long throw performance whilst asymmetrical vertical dispersion means that even in short throw situations the system still delivers uncompromised quality.

Horizontal dispersion designed to overlap (when used in array) generates coupling adding to the throw of this system. Further, if more throw still is required for very large outdoor events the upper mid/hi cabinets can be inverted adding extra coupling to the hi-end.

Neodymium and Active Impedance Control drivers give very high efficiency and power whilst keeping the boxes light in weight.

Hand crafted in Birch Ply throughout and pressed into curves to give strength, reduce distortion and eliminate standing waves along with our own Wavefront Refraction Technology gives the system a uniquely pure sound right out of the box. Proof of this is found both by the lack of signal processing required and the exceptional hi-fi quality of the sound produced even at just a meter from the stack.

At its smallest the I-Fly can be used a very effective six box 8kW FOH system. At the other extreme it can be scaled up (in its standard form) to be flown with hangs 10 boxes deep and if required an array can produce a complete circle of 18 boxes giving a complete center piece array of 180 boxes plus 90 sub cabinets and 270,000 Watts.
Clearly most interest has been shown to be somewhere between these two extremes!

Dispersion of the system can easily be calculated and is regarded as 40 degrees horizontal as a single stack, in an array the boxes stack flush against each other and are angled at 20 degrees to allow coupling. In effect when used in array each box gives 20 degrees of horizontal dispersion plus 20 degrees for the sides of the array.
i.e. A 2 box array is 2x20+20 degrees giving 60 degrees horizontal. and it follows a 4 box array is 4x20+20 degrees giving 100 degrees and so on.
Although the vertical dispersion varies among the boxes due to the different coupling effects at different frequencies the vertical dispersion can be assumed as 10 degrees upward and 25 down.

Truck packing is all important with large format PA systems and the I-FLY has had this in mind from its conception. All the boxes are narrow enough to pack 4 wide across most large trucks and will stack easily.The curved wheel boards latch securely to the cabinet fronts protecting the grilles in transit. All I-FLY rigging is supplied in custom built flight-cases that double up as speaker dollies to assist in the simple hanging of the system.



very high SPL capability
short - medium and long throw
complete system integration
array/ground stack/fly
easy truck packing
very easy fly rigging
stack inter locking system
bespoke tailored cases
unrivalled audio quality

• music concerts/festivals
• touring/install
• front of house
• medium large clubs/venues

• Auditoriums
• Theatres
• Sports Stadiums
• Medium-large clubs
• Places of worship

Example of gain and delay settings for an ultra long throw six deep hang.