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FFA 5000 Amplifier

The FF8.0 is a 8000 Watts dual redundant power amplifier. It has two totally independent power supplies with individual 10A mains IEC inlets and fusing.

The FF8.0 Amplifier uses Switch Mode Power Supply Technology coupled with a Class D PWM output stage, resulting in a very efficient, lightweight and powerful amplifier. It is ideal for all professional audio applications, from nightclub installations to touring sound systems. The FF8.0 is ideally suitable for driving 2 ohm loads in the most demanding environments.

Weight 12kg
2 x 10A power supply
Built in clip limiter
Built in thermal headroom
100% aluminium casing
Aluminium extruded front panel
High current Neut
rik speak-on all poles connected 1+, 1-, 2+, 2-
Dual redundancy
Soft start, full in-rush protection
4 year warranty features



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