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Full Frequency Amps

Lee Berwick

Artist Statement

Lee Berwick – Born London Sept 1961. Lee Berwick is a sonic and video artist. He has been producing and performing found sound compositions, music, and more recently films, since the mid 1980's. Lee has had his work included in shows at London’s Hayward Gallery, The ICA, The Museum Of as well as having a programme about his work made by the BBC. He has also toured the world as composer for the SU-EN Butoh Company, an avant-garde dance troupe, for the last fifteen years as well as performing and showing his film and sonic pieces around the world. Lee’s work endlessly pushes barriers and explores new areas.
The psychological effects of sound (both audible and inaudible) on audiences is also an ongoing interest. For Lee’s current piece ‘NewChurch – New correspondences’ he has measured the church at Newchurch on Romney Marsh and calculated the two main resonant frequencies of the building. He has then used these two frequencies as the basis of his sound composition. As these frequencies correspond to the size of the space they tend to oscillate and vibrate within the church rather than fading away as a non-resonant sound would. Therefore, as you move around the space these sounds become more apparent in different areas. Currently Lee is also in the process of finishing his first documentary (a short film about the Slussen one way system in Stockholm). He is also working on an album composed from sound found in the northern Swedish landscape and then worked on in the London landscape.

Previous works have included walking from London to the source of the Thames to produce a film, soundtrack and dance choreography, running and producing the music for the Digidub record label, producing site specific soundtracks for a variety of film makers as well as making his own films, sonic installations and various educational projects. Some more information about Lee’s work can be found at

Lee Berwicks exhibit would not have been possible without the help of Noise Control Audio


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Noise Control Release FF10.0 Amplifier

10 kW - 5kW/ch into 2 Ohms All Day, all night, all week!

Adding to the Full Frequency range of Amplifiers and Audio Processors the FF10.0 is a Class D bass application power amp designed for customers who required a two-Ohm drive stereo amp that can be used for extended periods of time, at full power and in above average temperatures. The amps are designed and manufactured in the UK, housed in a thick, ridged enclosure to ensure components are protected from vibration and make them ideal for touring and temporary installs. The FF10.0, is rated at 5,000W into 2Ohm loads, 3,000W into 4 or 1,500W into 8. The amp's design negates the need for power reductions to protect itself when driven to its full potential at 2Ohm loads. The FF10.0 uses a dual mono amplifier architecture, which, although more costly to manufacture, ensures the ability to deliver very high power and superb bass performance. Dual redundancy comes within the design specification. The FF10.0 may look familiar, that it because it is a Silver fronted Noise Control Audio badged version of the FFA10,000. Our devotion to audio and build quality mean that NCA are the only other company that have earned the right to distribute these amplifiers with our own name on them. As a customer you can not only enjoy the quality and guarantee that FFA put into these amplifiers but the added customer support from NCA and of coarse you don't have to put up with pink racks! Recent installations of the FFA amp include The Egg in London and Cream in Liverpool. Cream's engineer Andy Kayll notes the improvement in the club's sound after he and FFA founder Dave Millard fitted the new amps: "The difference was startling, the bass was tighter and fuller and the amps were just ticking over. A couple of hours with Smaart (EAW's sound system measurement software) to rough it in and ears to perfect it and the place was absolutely rocking.")

Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty at The Monarch


ASYM2S2 working hard at The Monarch

6 ASYM2S2s have sustained a year of hard work at The Monarch venue in Camden London, including some very high profile acts such as Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty. Jeremy Ledlin, the owner, has seen fit to congratulate us on thier perforfance.
"I've been working with Noise Control Audio (NCA) for over 10 years, both through my years as founder and Managing Director of the Barfly Clubs and then onto my new project that encompasses a group of bars and venues in Camden, London. I keep coming back to NCA. The mix of quality workhorse products and the consistently high level of service (whether it be over the phone or on call outs) has always been professional, timely and effective. NCA understand what we require as a business and are able to meet our specific needs and budget, be it for an integrated live music and DJ install for The Monarch music venue, or a smaller system for one of our other five bars in Camden.
We have 6 of NCA's ASYM2S2 speakers at The Monarch and they've been performing excellently since we installed them a year ago. They are tough pieces of kit inside well crafted wooden cabinets and are ideal both for DJ sets from the likes of Amy Winehouse to live events from people like Pete Doherty. The clarity of these speakers at all frequencies is second to none at this price range. Their adaptability has been very important to us as we have to cater for demanding bands and DJs on a regular basis.
We couldn’t be happier with our latest purchase from Noise Control Audio and would recommend the ASYM2S2 speaker to anyone looking for a great all round speaker."
Jeremy Ledlin (Founder Director, Barfly Group) (Founder Director, The Monarch and other Camden Bars)

NCA settles into new H.Q.

A very busy end of year was in store for Noise Control as 2007 came to a close. Embarking on a hasty move into a new U.K. head office premises, right in the midst of a hectic summer season, was always going to be a tricky manoeuvre.
The move itself went well, however due to the heavy schedule a few things ended being left in boxes for a while. As summer came to a close so the builders moved in to smarten things up, add a few walls and an expansive mezzanine floor. More emptying of boxes insued, new stock systems set into place and a bit of argey bargey over whose desk went where, everything seemed to be falling into shape!
The last leg of the move was to install a room to demonstrate their products and with that now completed Unit 7 Lockwood Industrial Park otherwise known as Noise Control HQ is proudly open to the public!


NCA Introduces its range to Belgium

Supporting their Benelux Distributor "Full-On Sound and Light Bv" in an exploration into this market, Noise Control Audio packed up a truck full of products and set of to Belgium for the ACF show for the first time this year.
The response from those who visited the stand was very positive. Particular note was shown to the build quality, clarity of of the systems and the balance in tonal qualities right from the long throw I-Fly systems down to the AYSM Series and the new compact coaxial boxes. Whilst for the most part sound levels had to be very subdued it was a good opportunity to demonstrate the hi-fidelity sound of our products. To the surprise of those who listened it was possible to balance a stereo image between systems that are hugely different in size and power capabilities, creating a stereo "sweet spot" where listeners eyes could hardly believe what there ears where telling them. This may seem like a bit of a gimmick, but far from it. Being able to install a multi zone system where the audio quality reflected around the venue matches that heard by the FOH engineers or the DJ at his monitors is of huge advantage in ensuring an accurate, precise reflection of the music as it is intended to be heard, where ever you are in the venue. However regardless of this, the one occasion where we were given the opportunity to turn the levels up a bit resulted in one buyer rushing over to the stand to demand to know exactly where he could purchase such a system immediately!
Noise Control Audio and Full-On Sound and Light would like to say thank you to all the new faces and contacts made. Overall the experience was friendly and positive with a lot of support shown to our endeavors to keep quality and innovation ahead of the forces of cheap and mass production in the sound reinforcement market.


NCA Takes Centre Stage at the Hackney Empire

Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, Tony Hancock and Cliff Richard are just some of the stars who have all trodden the boards at the Hackney Empire, the famous theatre built in 1901, which had its heyday as a music hall in Edwardian times. When Komedia started its whirlwind climb to fame as Brighton’s hottest live performance venue – and one of the best known in the UK – it needed a audio solution that wouldn’t let it – or its artists down.

Perhaps the most famous music hall star to perform there was Marie Lloyd, who more recently gave her name to an annexe built next to the theatre as part of a massive £15m renovation and restoration project completed in 2004.

The annexe houses a studio theatre and hospitality area – plus the 220 seat Marie Lloyd Bar, which provides for the needs of theatre goers as well as for the general public via a separate street entrance. In true ‘trooper’ tradition, the bar also hosts live entertainment – with a full programme of regular live music evenings and singers’ jam sessions as well as poetry and comedy shows.

Manager Laura Muldoon says the bar often also hosts wedding receptions due to its proximity to Hackney Town Hall!

With restoration funding focusing on essentials like an orchestra pit and dressing rooms for the Empire, there was nothing left over to pay for a sound system for the Marie Lloyd Bar, even though it was ready to open in October 2004.

Noise Control Audio stepped in by loaning some equipment on a temporary basis before a budget could be found to pay for a permanent installation. “Then it was all systems go,” explains Laura. “We needed to appoint a company who could deliver in a very short space of time – in just a few weeks actually - so that everything was in place and just right for our launch evening on New Years Eve. It was further complicated by the fact that we moved the stage and had to re-wire everywhere.”

“We also needed equipment which would match our requirements – live music at one end of the scale and poetry at the other and the equipment also needed to be discreet – not ugly or conspicuous. Although we obtained several quotations, we went with Noise Control Audio partly because they were highly recommended to us and we felt we could trust them to deliver – both in terms of time and in meeting our specification.

“We have been really pleased with what they have done for us – and the speakers have stood the test of time. What is really good is that the sound doesn’t dominate every corner of the bar – people can get away from the live music by moving up to the balcony if they want to chat.”

“And they were able to supply us with flat hanging speakers for daytime use which you barely notice – which is really important in a venue like ours.”

“But one of the overriding reasons for choosing them was their reliability. I know that NCA are there for us should anything go wrong - and that peace of mind is really important.”

Noise control audio at the ACF show in Budapest , Hungary 21st – 23rd November 2006

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the visitors who took the time to visit our stand at the 1st ACF show Budapest. The ACF show in Budapest in November 2006 was the first Pro Audio / Lighting show there for 10 years so it was a bit of a risk for a small company like ours but we believe that Eastern Europe and Hungary especially is a developing market. Hungary boast’s Europe’s largest festival, the Sziget festival so we felt that it was a risk worth taking and it has turned that we were right. Although the turn out for the show was very low we made the most of the visitors that made the effort and have already made significant roads into the pro user / installation markets. The Show was well organised for the most but it did seem to lack in the promotional aspect, I’m hoping that the future events in the east will be better promoted there and we look forward to going back to Budapest in the near future..

Steve Stavrinides Head Of Business Development

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Brighton’s brightest performance venue gets upstairs downstairs treatment from NCA

When Komedia started its whirlwind climb to fame as Brighton’s hottest live performance venue – and one of the best known in the UK – it needed a audio solution that wouldn’t let it – or its artists down.

It would have been natural for Komedia to turn to one of the big industry names for a system to provide the quality it needed to take it on into the big league when it re-opened in May 2004 after developing and enlarging the relatively humble 80-seater venue it had been for a decade or so.

Instead, mirroring the approach it had taken with its own acts, by giving talented newcomers like Graham Norton and the League of Gentlemen a break, it bravely took on a relative unknown to provide its new sound system – London based Noise Control Audio (NCA).

The proof is in the pudding as they say. Just over two years on and Komedia has been so impressed with the system NCA provided that it is about to launch a new upstairs venue, once again boasting a sound system designed, produced and installed by NCA.

Komedia’s Technical Manager Chris Williams takes up the story. “When we reopened in May 2004, our old system was not big enough or good enough for the new downstairs venue. We had heard of NCA through one of our engineers who works for Alstublieft Audio here in Brighton.

“So they put in a PA system for a one month trial period for us free of charge. We were really impressed with the clarity of sound and the size and the look of the system. NCA were also able to consult / supply and install many other aspects of the system to compliment their enclosures and so we went ahead.”

“We have had nothing but positive responses about the system. A few bands were a bit dubious when they first saw the system because it wasn’t a name they knew, but they are always really happy to come back. Having an excellent system in place makes it much easier for us to attract quality bands back, as well as fresh new bands. They are keen to come here because the NCA system means we have built a good reputation.

“I know that many of the bands have been so impressed with the sound they get here, that they have approached NCA to get a system from them for when they go on tour.”

NCA installed its MPM1815/VSB215 enclosures downstairs at Komedia but has put in a more comprehensive system better suited to the larger upstairs space for round two of the development.

This includes:The I-Fly system

• 2 x VSB218 Sub enclosures
• 4 x RGW112 Bass enclosures
• 4 x TMT600 Mid /Hi enclosures
• 5 x SW15 stage wedge
• 1 x ASYM 2 used as a Drum fill
• All powered by NCA’s Full Frequency range of speaker management and amplifiers
• FF208D processor. An XTA 4 series OEM product FF6.0 /3.6 amplifiers. An FFA Amplifier OEM product

Komedia invited four companies to tender for the second installation and Chris says “after another demonstration over the Great Escape festival weekend in May 2006 he simply couldn’t refuse the I-Fly system that NCA’s Business Development Director Steve Stavrinides came up with.”

“Again, they were able to give us a great deal and even sourced finance for us. And of course this time round we had the confidence of knowing that the quality of NCA’s products is second to none. Steve came in and designed the system to fit and they have been extremely flexible in terms of logistics – we have made some changes very late in the day and they have been happy to respond by working around them.

“The great thing about their systems for us too is that they provide the oomph required by big rock bands but the subtlety we need for the different types of performance we have here. We don’t just want a system to blare. We need something which enhances all types of music since we put on everything from rock to jazz and flamenco evenings as well as theatre.

Chris appreciates the NCA combination of traditional workmanship, contemporary design and reliable service offered by the small company, with a growing reputation. “Reay, who is head of NCA’s research and development, is an old fashioned boffin, who really knows his stuff and knows his sound inside out while the rest of the team provides great customer service. This means I feel confident both about their equipment and about their ability and willingness to give me the after sales service I need.”

NCA designs and produces its own systems to ensure that sound and look is perfect for every situation. Its range of boxes stacks attractively in all kinds of configurations. Inside the enclosures are moulded organic curves which refract sound more efficiently than flattened surfaces. Made from high-density void-free Birch ply, the boxes are also designed to be durable and stable when used on tour. In permanent venues like Komedia, NCA’s flexibility and adaptability really shines through with its designs now making a mark with clubs, Hire companies and music venues around the country. NCA produces systems to suit any application where sound reinforcement is required, offers on-site consultation and free demonstrations.


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Barfly Group Launch Latest London Venue Using Noise Control Audio.

In July 2006 the barfly group launched its latest venue THE FLY in London’s New Oxford Street once again they turned to London based Noise Control Audio to consult / design / install the speaker system.
Steve Stavrinides from noise control explained why they chose the ASYM series for this particular install “the barfly group has many different size and shape venue’s ranging from small intimate environments to large scale 600 person rock “n” roll venues and the ASYM series is designed to be scaleable to achieve the coverage and audio excellence that is required to cope with the pounding they get from the demanding schedule that the barfly put them through. All in all the ASYM series is a very rugged design that can cope with all situations so it seemed the natural solution”. Steve Revealed.

The Barfly Group has worked with the Noise Control team since 1997, when there only existed a single Barfly PA system in the back room of a Camden pub. With 7 venues now operating in the UK, incorporating London, Cardiff, Liverpool, Glasgow, York and Birmingham, Barfly have a total of 12 PA systems with some of them running 7 days a week. Noise Control Audio are an organization that's experienced enough to provide the best 24/7 advice, equipment, servicing and maintenance capability, yet adaptable enough to cater to unique audio requirements. We're expecting over 500,000 patrons through the doors of our 7 venues this year, and we'll be promoting 2,700 events and 6,500 bands, so we need to be working with the best quality and most reliable sound equipment supported by the most reliable back-up. We also need sound equipment that caters for a range of musical genres from rock, pop, acoustic, dance, hip hop, reggae and urban. For our needs, Noise Control have always delivered.

Noise Control products and recommendations are designed to keep on keeping on, often in uncomfortable live environments where variables such as temperature, artist and audience demands on the equipment can be extreme. Barfly needs work horse equipment that creates a consistent quality sound and Noise Control strives to deliver this for us in all situations.

I'm particularly delighted to have the new Noise Control Full Frequency amps and ASYM 3 speakers installed in Barfly Birmingham and The Fly in London. The response from the audiences to date has been nothing short of brilliant and we look forward to working with Noise Control equipment in the new venues that we expect to open in the next 12 months.

Jeremy Ledlin
Managing Directors

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