Following talks at the ACF show in Budapest, NCA were invited to return by
B & D Stage Systems to demonstrate their I-Fly touring range, monitor systems and ASYM compact speakers. A complete gig was lined up at the national volleyball arena in Kiskunhalas.

After a quick look at the venue the decision was taken to fly "three round two deep" on each side of the stage.
Just two crew are needed on each stack to place the boxes onto the wheeled I-Fly case and roll them into position under the TMT600 mid/high units.

Simple Fly-Wires connect the boxes together and the VSB128 subs are placed underneath.

Both sides were flown in 20 minutes and connecting the NCA 16x4mm multicore was done in seconds.

Constantly evolving their products is part of what Noise Control are about, so a set of self powered VSB218 subs were brought along and put through their paces. These amp modules not only power their own cabinet but also have a slave output to power an unpowered version of the same. All eight VSB218 subs used at the venue were powered by these 4 modules.
New sleek SM15 wedge monitors were used on the front of the stage whilst MPM monitors and ASYM speakers were used for keyboards and the drum fill.

With the gear in place a quick sound check was undergone and we were all set for the night ahead.

Note the prototype 4x12" subs, centre stage, also proving themselves in this environment.

The bands and crowd all had a great time and musicians, engineers and tour managers were quick to praise the quality of the production.
  Breakfast after the gig, the crew celebrate a successful evening to the tune of a few "palinkas" and some wonderful Hungarian hospitality.

Which extended to a few crates of "Noise Control Audio Wine" all labelled and individually hand painted.

Had we died and gone to Heaven ?