"Gogol Bordello"

Concert Hall
Brighton Dome U.K.

Sell out concert for New York's most
happening band at Brighton's
most prestigious venue.

Promotion by LOUT Promotions
PA supplier Alstublieft Audio
Sound Equipment
Noise Control Audio
I-Fly - Flown and Ground stacked
MPM & SM15 Series Monitors
NCA FF Amplifiers

Gogol Bordello are going from strength to strength with their heady mix of transcontinental gypsy music crossed with a punk attitude.
A year ago they first visited Brighton as part of a concert involving a number of bands. Standing out amongst the rest they returned to headline a sell out gig at the prestigious Brighton Dome.
Lout Promotions called in Alstublieft Audio to tackle the sound in this venue where time and time again other companies have failed to come up with good results.

Alstublieft Audio only stock Noise Control Audio PA systems and were confident with the equipment they held that the problem could be resolved, just given this opportunity.

The Concert hall has a beautiful 1935 art deco interior. Its capacity of nearly 2000 is divided into standing floor space and a huge 1200 seat balcony high around its perimeter.

After some thought it was decided to go for a mixture of flown and ground stacked speakers. The latter to feed the standing crowd and the former to feed directly to the balcony space.
Both systems were identical but shared just 6 sub cabinets
between them.
The formation of each cluster was 3 round - 2 deep giving 80 degrees of dispersion from each. Angling the ground stacks more inward and the flown more outward gave complete coverage into every corner of the venue both upstairs and down with no need for any delay speakers or infills!

Alstublieft also provided complete stage monitoring utilising Noise Control audio MPM and SW15 series speakers. Also, they supplied 2 FOH mixing consoles a monitor console and all effects units, microphones, ancillaries, stage hands and engineers for a complete production package.
LOUT promotions, the band and the attending crowds could not have been happier with the results.The sound throughout the venue was clear, deep and engrossing. LOUT Promotions have confirmed that they will continue to use Alstublieft and Noise Control Audio for future events notably the Gary Newman concert at the same venue in March.
The crew from Noise Control Audio (myself included) could not resist coming along to this event and, although they should have grown up by now, where spotting leaping around in the mosh pit like a bunch of teenagers!
We would like to thank all those involved in this production and give our wholehearted support to Gogol Bordello and their Gypsy Punk Revolution!