Glastonbury 2008

26th - 29th June


Festical of Contemporary
Performing Arts

NCA in conjunction with PF Events and Alstblieft Audio were proud to supply the majority of all sound systems to the amazing Trash City and Shangri La areas this year.
Expanding on the sucess of the 2007 event more than 9 PA systems were installed including:
At Trash City
The drag strip, NYC Downlow, Mutoid Strip, Pyrette stage,
At Shangri La
Bassline Circus arena, Shaqney and the cinema.

Shown are a selection of pictures and videos of the just some of the fun to be had in the Trash city and Shangri La areas. At lot of good energy was put in to make these areas so special. We would like to thank everybody involved for work and spirit that came together at Glastonbury.
Many more videos can be found here...
:YouTube Video Link:


Nice Video showing the amazing Arcadia Instalation with its fire smoke and water features!

The Launderettas parade on a pink mini moke jet ?

The Robot Drummer fully micked up and pelting out Black Sabaths "Iron Man"
This robot is entirely electroncally and hydraulically controlled not to mention the fact he has 4 arms.

Day and night images showing the general vibe of the area. good images of some of the mutoid sculptures and a in the background the facades of the Drag Strip stage and NYC Downlow

BBC report of the NYC Downlow. Mustaches at the ready !
NYC Downlow    
Trash City
Tofu Love Frogs - In The Drag Strip -
Stillhouse Orchestra - In The Drag Strip
Mutiod Sculpture
NYC Downlow