Carnival "Del Pueblo"
Burgess Park London
Europe's largest Latin music carnival!
Attendance 80,000
Sound Reinforcement& Staging by
PF Events & Wango's
Sound Equipment
Noise Control Audio
I-Fly, NFA, Asym & SM15 Series Speakers
NCA FF Series & FFA Amplifiers

PF Events were given the job of supplying sound at Del Pueblo, Europe's biggest Latin music carnival.
Three stages in all. The largest of which expected crowds of 80,000 attending.
All stages were supplied with NCA systems.
The main stage utilised NCA's I-Fly system, ground stacked due to budget restrictions. Either side of the stage arrays four round and four deep plus blocks of eight sub cabinets easily gave the throw, volume and clarity required for the event. One delay stack was positioned behind the FOH desk.

Here is the main stage left stack.

The delay stack, four round two deep.

This "four round" configuration gives a dispersion of 100 degrees per stack. Extra throw is provided by utilising the I-Fly's ability to have its mid/high cabinets inverted allowing the high and mid frequency units to couple. Even in this ground stack situation with the high frequency horns only 2.7 meters above the ground the sound was loud and clear right to the back of the field.

Rear view of a main stage stack.
Note that all the mid/high units are supplied by two of NCA's 16 core X 4mm cable. One more of these cables could have supplied all the sub bass cabinets but was not in stock to be used this time.

Also clear in this picture are the Fly-wires used to lock the cabinets together when flying the system, or in this case to prevent movement of the boxes due to vibration or wind. When locked together like this the stack essentially becomes one very solid object.Here the riggers have also strapped the stack down to the steel deck.

Due to the use of "Point Source" technology the control over dispersion is absolute. During the event a volume complaint came from a specific surrounding tower block, to the amazement of the attending sound level officer, the volume of the specific cabinet pointing toward the tower was reduced, The problem was overcome and the attending masses were impervious to the change.

This picture shows clearly the inverted mid high cabinets, not to mention the beautiful crafted curves of the RGW bass cabinets and TMT horns. In this light the grilles seem almost invisible and the extraordinarily purposeful design of this system is clear to see.


This is Reay, NCA's chief design and R&D man, in his favorite place in the world, mixing front of house with a Noise Control Sound System.

Nice rear view of Wangos lovely purple tent flanked by Noise Control Audio speakers.
Four of our prototype quad 12" sub cabinets snuck in under the main stage. Although still being road tested these boxes are really making waves. Big waves.


Here is a rack of Noise Control Audio,s "Full Frequency" amplifiers (in silver) and a couple of thier sister FFA amps (in purple) above.

This rack contains
........................1 x NCA FF 8
........................2 x NCA FF 6
........................2 x NCA FF 3.6
........................2 x FFA 6

This one rack supplies all the power required for one side of the main stage.

Here an XTA 448 is used for system management.

Noise Control Audio's own FF206D management modules have just arrived so expect to see them at future events.

The second stage used two stacks of Noise Control Audio's original NFA system (superceded by the I-Fly system). Nice to see these boxes still working hard and sounding great.

Appreciative crowd from the second stage.

The third (DJ) stage being set up. Utilising NCA ASYM series full range cabinets (here as mid/high) and NCA VSB 215 and 218 sub cabinets.
Another appreciative crowd from the third stage.

Below are some fun shots from the event.
Note the use of NCA SM15 stage monitors throughout.