Alstublieft – flying high with NCA

Work is really taking off for Brighton-based Alstublieft Audio who are now able to offer Noise Control Audio's latest flying rig as the ultimate in sound systems for large-scale live events.

Adding the massive flying rig to its wide range of NCA equipment means Alstublieft now offers the versatility and scope to meet even the most demanding and high profile specifications. With its first outing at the annual Fort Rox festival in Newhaven safely under his belt, Alstublieft owner Giles Bristow is confident in the rig's quality and performance and in the boost it has given to the level he can now make available to clients organising large events.

Alstublieft, which designs, supplies, installs and maintains sound systems as well as offering a complete hire service, has stocked only NCA equipment since the company was formed by Giles seven years ago and is now NCA's largest U.K rental stockist.

This exclusive arrangement brings confidence to both sides of the partnership. "When I got into the market I met the NCA team and we went from strength to strength. I have 100% back up from them, I believe in them and their products and I know that I provide my clients with the very best both in terms of equipment and service," says Giles.

Giles has an impressive track record having been technical production manager for major events like the Barfly Great Escape festival, featuring 180 bands in 18 venues over three days and for Live Nation gigs such as Mystery Jets and Nickel Creek - as well as Fort Rox.

He really knows his stuff - a situation which NCA feels very happy with. Steve Stavrinides explains: "Alstublieft is our front line. We need to feel sure that our equipment is in the right hands and that when it goes out on hire or for a permanent installation, that it has been expertly selected to match the client's requirements. If it lets the client down, it lets us down. Alstublieft offers the expertise and the customer care that our equipment deserves and we demand and people go back to them time after time."

Although Alstublieft specialises in live music production, Giles says that dry hire is an expanding market and one which puts even more emphasis on quality. "Because we are now supplying a growing number of other professionals with equipment, we are building a joint reputation for NCA's good quality products and our quality service," says Giles.

"Other companies feel happy about putting their work in our hands, which has to be the best vote of confidence we could ask for!"

" NCA designs and produces its own systems to ensure that sound and look is perfect for every situation. It aims to produce the best equipment possible to achieve the purest quality of sound. Its range of boxes stacks attractively in all kinds of configurations. Inside the speakers are moulded organic curves which refract sound more efficiently than flattened surfaces. Made from high-density void-free Birch ply which reflects sound cleanly, the boxes are also durable and stable if used on tour. In permanent venues, NCA's flexibility and adaptability really shines through with its custom built designs now making a mark with clubs, bars and music venues around the country. NCA produces systems to suit all types of venue and use, available for wet or dry hire through Alstublieft.


Barfly Birmingham –
complete install at latest venue


Jeremy Ledlin, managing director of Barfly Group, shows his complete confidence in Noise Control Audio by using their expertise and equipment for the design and installation at their latest venue in Birmingham.

"Barfly have 7 venues now operating in the UK and have a total of 12 PA systems with some running 7 days a week. Noise Control Audio are an organization that's experienced enough to provide the best 24/7 advice, equipment, servicing and maintenance capability, yet adaptable enough to cater to unique audio requirements. We're expecting over 500,000 patrons through the doors of our 7 venues this year, and we'll be promoting 2,700 events and 6,500 bands, so we need to be working with the best quality and most reliable sound equipment supported by the most reliable back-up"

From conception to reality Jeremy handed over the task, to fit out the venue entirely with systems that would give Barfly not only the reputation as the best sound in town regardless of the type of event (bands, club nights) but, also stand the course in terms of reliability, durability and service backup.

"The response from the audiences to date has been nothing short of brilliant" says Jeremy. Not to mention the fact that bands and engineers alike delight in the clarity and projection of the FOH and monitor setup. Jeremy has also been keen to stress the fact that tour managers have been eager to re-book at this venue.

Main Room - four stacks of NCA's I-Fly series consisting of...

4 x TMT600 mid high enclosures
4 x RGW112 bass enclosures
4 x VSB218 sub bass enclosures
Powered by FFA 5000 and Crown XS Amplifiers
Frequency dividers - BSS FDS360 -NCA MODIFIED-
Equalisers - BSS FCS966
FOH Desk - Soundcraft Series2 40ch

Second Room ASYM3 + VSB215 compact system consisting of...

2 x ASYM3 full range/mid high enclosures
2 x VSB215 sub bass enclosures
Powered by Crown XS Amplifiers
Frequency dividers - BSS FDS360
Equalisers - BSS FCS966
Desk - Allen & Heath MixWizard 16

The complete install from start to finish was completed by the NCA team on time and on budget.

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