- LONDON 2007 and 2008 -

The worlds largest Afro Caribbean carnival.
Overall attendance 2 million +
three Noise Control Audio PA Systems
Disya Generation (Powis Terrace)
Sir Lloyd (Lemmington Rd Villas)
Social Heritage Arts & Dance (float)

Notting Hill Carnival 2007 was a special occasion for Noise Control Audio. After much acclaim for last years performance of the system provided for Sir Lloyd. NCA returned with three bookings. Repeating the system for Sir Lloyd and gaining two larger systems.
One booked by carnival stalwarts Disya Generation which covered the entirety of Powis Terrace, one of the largest pitches available and right in the middle of the carnival site.
The other for the Social Heritage Arts float which with its amazing dance troop and NCA system won second prize overall in the Masquerade category.

In Powis Terrace restrictions on the positioning of stacks meant speakers could only be placed on the pavements down one side of the road. Four stacks were placed essentially pointing straight across the crowd and at around 50 meter intervals. Reflections from the facing houses could have been a major issue but with some tweaking of the high and mid frequency levels a very satisfactory result was obtained producing load clear music down the entire length of the road. Powered ASYM3P speakers were utilised as monitors for the DJs and in-fills directly in front of the stage.

One of the four stacks used by Disya Generation in Powis Terrace.

Although there were far larger stacks of bass present at the carnival, the efficiency of the NCA sub and mid bass system shone through. The organisers from Disya Generation, who are a critical bunch when it comes to bass, where stunned by the power and clarity produced.


Under the stage at Powis Terrace Reay finishes of the wiring. These racks of NCA FF series and FFA amplifiers powered the entire system.

Close ties between FFA and Noise Control mean these incredible amps can be bought only as in FFA purple or in NCA silver.

Each rack contains

1 x NCA/FFA 8kW
2 X NCA/FFA 3.2kW

XTA processors / BSS equalizers
New NCA processors had not been released at this time.
See further down the pictures for the 2008 Amp setup


A view down Powis Terrace and the Disya Generation stage awaiting the oncoming crowds.



Below are some shots of carnival as it engulfed us
. Also bottom, are pictures from the Sir lloyd stage including one of Shy FX who's two hour set was said to be mesmerizing.

Awaiting pictures from the Social Heritage Arts and Dance float.

Mixer, NCA Amps, NCA Controllers and new NCA Racks 2008 - Its childs play really !

Below are some shots of Sir Lloyds system at Lemmington Park Villas.
The older NFA system was used (now superceded by the I-Fly system) with ASYM3 speakers as in-fills and SM15 monitors.