A versatile and compact PA system with 3, 7.5 or 12kW configurations. Comprising the new ASYM3P and VSB215P self powered, full DSP cabinets which produce 130dB SPL and will fit into the back of a Vito!

12 kW
7.5 kW

Six box configuration comprising:-

2 x ASYM3P powered full range
2 x VSB215P powered sub
2 x VSB215 unpowered sub


Four box configuration comprising:-

2 x ASYM3P powered full range
2 x VSB215P powered sub


3 kW

Two box configuration comprising:-

2 x ASYM3P powered full range


Complete 12kW six box system with ASYM touring cases and all accessories in the back of a Vito with plenty of room to spare.


The powered boxes utilize Noise Control Audio’s Full Frequency power modules (developed by XTA) to bring simplicity of setup and reliability at SPL's usually associated with much larger and complex systems.
The 1500Watt, 3-way, full range ASYM3P produces 127dB and has just 3 user presets, full range, bass boost and bass cut. Due to its 3way (15 + 8 + 1) configuration and dual concentric mid/high units the sound has superb clarity.


The 2250Watt VSB215P 2 x 15" self powered sub can produce 130dB and has a slave speaker output allowing another 2250Watts to be sent to an unpowered VSB215, further it just has 2 user presets being 80 and 120Hz High Pass Filters.


Very little of the DSP potential is used, it has the capability of a 6 band parametric EQ, and up to 10 user defined presets however these cabinets already have a great transparent sound, so essentially just the crossover and limiter sections of the DSP are put to effect to give reliability and ease of use.


Smart touring cases are available for the ASYM3P to give added maneuverability and protection to the cabinet. The case is constructed of birch ply to touring standards, they have a durable weatherproof coating and compartments to house the yoke, pole and cabling.


These speakers make an impressive compact system for events from band gigs to dance music and conferencing.
However we have also played around with the full DSP capabilities and, although not due as factory release, there is great potential for sound engineers and producers to tune the speakers to specific environments or emulate other cabinets and save them as personal presets.
Also networking software is expected to be released very soon, adding multi region control to the range.